Principal’s welcome


Welcome to McDonnell Creek State School. We pride ourselves on hard work, achieving success and respecting the tradition of our community and school.

I believe that if children feel safe and happy, they will engage and excel in their learning. We deliver a quality multi-age curriculum, reflective of current practice, to meet the needs of all students in a caring family atmosphere.

Our supportive community coupled with our active and forward thinking P&C provide our families with the comfort of a safe, happy and welcoming learning environment

Our school and community practice a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to bullying anti-social behaviour. We strongly adhere to a School-Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPBS) framework. For more information please view our Responsible Behaviour Plan.

The now

We are very much a school on the move. With enrolments continually on the increase, families are particularly interested in investing their children’s future in our reinvigorated curriculum.

Staff provide a supportive environment throughout your child’s primary schooling years where health and safety are paramount.  Our nurturing relationships bonds parents, teachers and students, and together we achieve success.

Our staff  take much time perfecting their planning to consistently deliver the best learning products for students. We deliver learning in small group setting with low ratios ranging from 1-3 to 1-8 instructors to students, with a number of opportunities for one-on-one support.

We pride ourselves on using the most up to date technologies and practices in education to deliver the best learning tools and information for student learning, on a daily basis. Professional development of our staff, parents and our community are very high on our agenda, as we do believe in holistic education practices to enhance students’ engagement in learning.

McDonnell Creek is a school where beliefs, cultural and physical differences and backgrounds are mixed as one and the school and community celebrate diversity. We believe that our differences make what we know to be a dynamic learning environment rich with diverse thinkers.

Our Curriculum and Learning Environment

The school has successfully adopted the Australian Curriculum and C2C into the classroom throughout the whole school curriculum this year. This has brought a number of exciting educational opportunities to consolidate and extend our learning and caters for all our diverse learners and styles.

McDonnell Creek prides itself on providing students with a significant head start in their life and we believe this begins with a very strong literacy reading program. Each day all students are exposed to active reading from teachers, student to teacher and peer guided reading. We consolidate students’ knowledge of a text through comprehension programs. We will continue to develop our strong curriculum with the knowledge that reading shapes the children’s future.

All of our classes across all curriculum areas consist of learning groups directly catering for students learning at their level. Students are always engaged in small learning network, with like-minded and levelled students and are offered many opportunities for extending their learning. All learning groups work with either teacher or teacher aide with low ratios of instructor to students.

Both literacy and numeracy programs are supported by Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) software which is directly linked to the student’s daily classroom learning and consolidates their classroom understandings.

Our curriculum includes

Literacy, Numeracy, Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE), Science, Music, Instrumental Music, Health and Physical Education (HPE), The Arts, Library and ICT.

The future

In 2013, we celebrated our 100th Anniversary! And celebrating all things that make McDonnell Creek what it is... fantastic!

We continue to develop our curriculum, school ethos and hone our skills as outstanding practitioners to exceed the expectations of our families and the community, while upholding the values and quality of Australia’s Public Education System.

We continue to research and implement a number of digital technologies and practices to meet the needs of our changing environment, and to meet the needs of all of our students and societies changing expectations.

We are delighted, on behalf of our community, to be able to share our school with you delighted, on behalf of our community, to be able to share our school with you.  I encourage you to contact the school at any time to discuss this further and learn about many other things that make McDonnell Creek a fantastic place to learn.

Yours sincerely and with kindest regards,

The Principal and Staff of McDonnell Creek State School. 

Last reviewed 08 January 2020
Last updated 08 January 2020